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Goodbye People

Writing for a blog was a great learning experience for someone hoping to be in the business world after graduating college. Learning how to communicate with the social world is a very important aspect of business in the modern world and it is only going to bring us more and more opportunities as the social world expands. Getting started with the blog was a difficult challenge but after writing a few post I started to get the hang of it and actually found myself enjoying learning about the aspects of blogging and social media! Here is a wrap up of the post I worked on over the past few months….

The first post was where I talked about the impact social media networks can have on a business and how businesses can use these platforms as a place to attend to customer service. I gave some examples on how businesses have responded in an ethical way to attend to their customers questions, comments, concerns, and most importantly complaints! No one want an unhappy customer or bad business reputation! If you would like to read more about this topic click HERE!

My second post discussed the concerns regarding social media use for hiring purposes. It is always a sticky subject and the rules are very blurred to those hiring new employees. In some ways people think it can be a negative addition to the hiring process while others believe it to be a way to find employees that better fit for ones business expectations. Without having any official or legal rules in place in regards to prying into someones social media life, this topic is very interesting for businesses and job seekers to debate about. To learn more about this controversial topic click HERE!

My third post was a wrap up of the blog post for the week of April 8th- 12th! To read more about some topics that might be of interest to you click HERE!

Also that week I completed a “Further Readings” post, where we talked a little bit more about the articles we used to complete the blog post from the week. To read more about some interesting articles we used for our research click HERE!

Next I had the opportunity to make some really fun infographics about social media in the business environment! Click HERE to view this one, which just gives a little information about the users and businesses way of using social media!

This last post that I did was another infograpic! (while writing for this blog I found out that I really had fun doing these) This one displayed some helpful information for businesses to use when trying to figure out when to post content on their social media sites! To read more about social media and the impact timing has on reaching ones users, click HERE!

Although I might not continue to write for this blog specifically, I might decide t0 create my own blog where I post about fashion and interior design. If not that then I at least will be sure to make a blog after graduating college to make myself easily accessible to any future employers trying to find out more information about me. I have heard time and time again that having a blog dedicated to posting your accomplishments/life skills, creating a little about me section and linking any professional publications and links to your social media sites is a great way to market yourself in the “real world”. But luckily I have some time till I get there!

For now my blogging will come to a halt but hopefully you will be hearing from me regarding other topics in the future! Thanks for reading!!

 -Kelly Ryan


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