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Making the World a Better Place Through Tweets

Many business professionals strongly agree that social media networks are a great marketing for all types of businesses. Whether a local restaurant uses Facebook to share a coupon for a new dessert or a large coffee chain sends out a Tweet about a new line of drinks for the fall season, both businesses are sure to spread their message to an extremely large and engaged audience through the social media networks. However, many individuals and groups often overlook the potential sites like Facebook and Twitter have for non profit organizations. Similar to traditional businesses, there are numerous strategies non profit groups can use to help grow and support their cause or mission through Facebook and Twitter.

Like several previous posts have mentioned, Facebook is the most widely used social media site in the entire world. People love to share their pictures and what’s important to them, like causes they support or stories that touched their hearts. Therefore, there is no better place for non-profits to spread their message. In order to find people that will be sympathetic to an organization’s cause, there are numerous techniques these companies can use to connect with these individuals. Users should use their cover photo to “sum up the cause.” Facebook is an extremely visual site, and the cover photo is the first thing individuals’ see, therefore, making a powerful first impression can help draw in potential supporters for the organization. Non profits should also consider including legislation that affects the organization. This will help keep members up to date on the issues that they care about, members may also be moved to help support or defeat legislation to help further the non profit’s mission. Users should also set up an easy way for members to donate on their Facebook page. Organization can either post a link where followers can donate or organizations may want to use the “social campaigns” or “create fundraisers” tool that Facebook offers. Either way, the social media site is a great way to raise funds because of the site’s large and diverse network. Facebook is a powerful marketing tool for non-profits, helping groups everywhere gain supporters, volunteers, and raise funds.

Although Twitter may not be as extensive or detailed as Facebook, the social networking site is still a highly successful marketing tool that non profit groups can  take advantage of. To get the best results, there are several techniques non-profits can use to help gain support for their mission. Twitter users should be sure to stick to Tweet routine; this will keep followers interested and attached to the cause. Organizations should also consider including links that pertain to their cause in their Tweets. Social media experts say that Tweets that contain URL’s are three times more likely to be retweeted, meaning more potential followers and supports for the group. Users should also use hashtags to join relevant conversations and trending topics that involve their cause. This will help find other individuals and groups that share the same values or goals the organization has, thus helping further the group’s success. Non profits who use Twitter regularly and wisely will see similar benefits to using Facebook, like a higher number of supporters, volunteers, and funds.

Non profits can generate valuable followers and resources by participating in social media. By utilizing the above suggestions for Facebook and Twitter, organization’s should be able to take steps closer to completing their mission. Social media network’s are more than just a place for friends to communicate or for businesses’ to post coupons, theses sites have the potential to change lives and make the world a better place.

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Crowd Sourced Funding Made Possible Through Social Media Platforms

Many of our posts here on the Social Media Networking blog have been about the many established businesses and organizations utilizing social media platforms to enhance their relationship with consumers and optimize internal communications among employees.  This post will be slightly different, focusing on the opportunity that social media can provide as a platform for crowd sourced funding.

The advent of social networking has far exceeded the basic posting, messaging, or file sharing. Crowd sourced funding websites provide a platform where individual users can raise funds to realize their vision of innovation. Entrepreneurs, philanthropists, and creators alike all flock to pitch their project to online investors via the web.

Some websites serve to raise charitable funds for both informal and well organized causes. Razoo is a platform for officially recognized nonprofit organizations to raise money. Individual users can donate as well as organize fundraisers for their favorite charities.  Kiva, on the other hand, functions slightly differently. This non-profit organization serves to connect global lenders and borrowers in an effort to alleviate poverty. Lenders can loan as little as $25 to borrowers from around the world providing “fair access to affordable capital to improve their own lives.”

Indiegogo is unique in that it allows users to raise money for anything and everything. The site is one of the leading platforms for international crowdfunding platforms. It originated within the independent film industry and grew from the belief that “anyone, anywhere who is passionate and works hard should be able to raise money.”

Websites like Kickstarter and Pozible allow users to demonstrate their ideas in detail to investors by sharing their concept’s story and uploading photos and videos. This also enables small individual investors to have access to the same early stage opportunity to invest early on in the life of an idea or start-up.  My cousin and his wife have used Kickstarter to fund multiple ventures in graphic design. Most recently their campaign to fund Urban Punk, a line of unique apparel, playing cards, and other gifts, has raised over $17,000 and has some 615 backers and counting!

Other platforms are geared toward a more specified field. Rock the Post is a site that promises well vetted investments and targets more serious investors by upholding a minimum investment of $1,000 :

FundaGeek provides a place for those with a technical innovation and research to pitch ideas and find financial backers willing to pledge support. On, renowned and often times famous scientists and researchers are hand selected to showcase their projects that need funding. This unique opportunity allows the public to make possible important discoveries and research. In turn supporters get exclusive access to new findings, acknowledgement in publications, field souvenirs, and other unparalleled opportunities.

Crowd Sourced Funding via Social MediaOriginal Visual Aid Created by Meghan McCrory using Wordle


All of these   platforms empower independent individuals to create and innovate by making these projects accessible to small time investors. In an age of big business and corporate agendas, these crowdfunding sites give individuals the power to see their own visions realized on their own terms.

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