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Contributor Review: Hannah

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the fact that I’ve been able to explore SMNs and discuss them in this blog. Along with a good majority of society, I too have become addicted to the SMN craze. Looking deeper into SMNs and their effects on businesses has allowed me to gain a better understanding about WHY these sites are so influential. I explored multiple (and differing) aspects of SMNs.

I began the blog with a brief introduction. The purpose of this post was to introduce our blog’s topic and intentions:  to inform you, our readers, and enhance your understanding about social media networks. Click here to check my introduction post.

I then dove into a question, one that I ask myself constantly. There is much debate about whether or not SMNs are good for society so I researched just that! My post  “Are Social Media Networks Good for Society” discussed how SMNs are less of a distraction for individuals and more of a positive innovation of the modern world. Social media is an amazing thing — it allows people to come together, express themselves, find long-lost friends. Not only that, SMNs allow the elderly to stay busy, entertained, and they also give them the opportunity to LEARN. You’re never too old to learn and SMNs are fascinating tools that just about anyone can understand. states that “just because one is retired or out of school doesn’t necessarily mean one wants to stop learning.”  So the answer to my question? YES. SMNs are great for society and they are a source of positive interactions for the professional and personal world.

My third post, “Targeting Customers Online Through SMNs, It’s a Good Idea!” was about well, targeting customers! I found that social media is a way for businesses to keep their customers happy. I stated, “As a business owner you want find ways to not only gain customers but to identify with them. You shouldn’t want to just cast a line out and hope to get as many bites a possible when it comes to gaining customers. Rather, focus on what the customer would want and consider what they’re thinking.” This blog was intended for business owners or for companies trying to target customers. Now a days technology is so prevalent and SMNs are common knowledge. People are on their devices a majority of the day, therefore businesses should be too! My advice for all business owners: Get out there and make your business known in the SMN world.

My favorite blog post was “Feeling Lonely in Life and at Work? SMNs May Be to Blame” for various reasons. I’m obsessed with my social networks, to the point where sometimes I do feel lonely or even left out. I wanted to bring our readers attention to the instance of social media networks actually working against the intended purpose of bringing people closer together. Instead… they could (and potentially ARE) making people more lonely and less social. This post focuses on how SMNs are making us feel more distant from others as we’re beginning to replace face-to-face contact with virtual, SMN communication. In a way SMNs are bad for society and the younger generations. I have young cousins who are already addicted to technology…what’s really in store for the future? We need SMNs but we also NEED face-to-face conversations as well. To read the full lonely in life and work post click  here.

I hope you have gained some insight on SMNs from reading our blog and not only that, I hope you have enjoyed reading it! The other contributors and I have loved putting it all together! We too have even learned more about SMNs and their effects, and I think throughout the course of this blog I’ve learned one important thing: SMNs are advancing and they will only continue to advance. And with that being said, you will really learn something new about SMNs every day. I know I have. But the thing is, half of the things I learn are positive and the other half are negative. SMNs are good? Yet they’re bad at the same time? Well, they are one thing for sure, our society’s new addiction.

This video sums SMNs up well (for young people but we’re all young at heart, right?)…



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