Social Media Networks

Build a better understanding of social media networks and the effects they have on/within the workplace

Blog Contributors

Meet the ladies behind the SMN Blog!

Hannah: Hannah Deringer is a senior at the University of Colorado, interning in New York. It’s her belief that social media networks help build companies and relationships within them whether that’s with clients, co-workers, friends, etc. The Internet and SMN’s are amazing new innovations, understanding them is not only fascinating but crucial.

Taylor: Taylor Mangan is studying philosophy at the University of Colorado. She works with social media in her part time independent job. Taylor has personally experienced the reaching impact of social media with her own networking, and she believes that facilitating a better comprehension of social media overall can aid even businesses.

LaRae: LaRae Richards is currently studying Marketing at the University of Colorado. She sees how social media is quickly and dramatically changing her field of study and wishes to excel her knowledge in this technology to give her a competitive advantage in the marketing industry.

Kelly: Kelly Ryan is a Business major with an emphasis in Marketing and a minor in Technology Arts and Media at the University of Colorado at Boulder. As someone that has done the marketing for a small business for over 6 years and controls all social media platforms for this business, she hopes to expand her knowledge and experience to benefit her professional career.

Meghan: Meghan McCrory is a Business major at CU’s Leeds School of Business with an emphasis in Marketing. She has first hand experience with marketing and consumer interaction through social media in restaurants and bars. Her intent is to furthering her knowledge about the growing uses and new platforms for social media.


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