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The End is Near

The end of this lovely blog experience is almost here, but before I go, I would like to recap my articles and say farewell!

“AMBER Alert Pages” was my first post in the Social Media Networks blog. This post highlighted how social media could be used to make a positive impact on the community. In this particular post, I described how users can receive AMBER alerts through their Facebook account or phone in order to help search for missing children. To learn more on how Facebook and the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children are saving lives, click here.

Social media is synonymous with privacy concerns, which led me to write about “Malicious Facebook Spam Attacks” on April 9th. A huge amount of personal information is stored on sites like Facebook, which is why spammers are such a threat to social media user’s everywhere. In this article, readers learn about how and why spammers hack accounts for personal information as well as how to keep your account secure.

On the 16th, I wrote about why small businesses should participate in Facebook marketing activities. In “Is Facebook Right for Small Businesses?” I explain how Facebook offers countless tools to small business owners to advertise their brand, many of which are free! To see more reasons why companies should not miss out on Facebook marketing opportunities, click here.

My final post was on non-profit organizations and how these types of businesses can benefit from social media just as well as their for-profit counterparts. In the post, “Making the World a Better Place Through Tweets,” I list several suggestions to help organizations meet and exceed their goals by using social media. By helping these righteous businesses’ complete their missions; they in turn make the world a better, kinder place to live. To see how else non-profits can increase their number of supporters, volunteers and funds, click here.

This blog truly upheld the goal to help the public increase his or her understanding of social media. Not only did the blog help readers gain insight into sites like Facebook and Twitter, but the blog also helped me gain more knowledge about how social media is affecting our everyday lives. Because of this blog, I have a much greater understanding of exactly what social media marketing tools are available and how I can apply them in a way that will be most effective. I am also more aware of the ethical dilemmas marketers face when using social media, which may aid me when I am personally faced with such a problem.  Overall, this blog was a great, hands-on way to gain more insight into social media and businesses as well as practice my business writing skill!  I am unsure if I will continue blogging, however, I do have a Youtube channel, making some of the social media skills I learned in this class extremely useful in helping me get more viewers and keeping subscribers happy!

Ciao! Adieu! Auf Wiedersehen! Goodnight!

LaRae Richards


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