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Sevenly: Changing the World

At the age of 17, Dale Partridge started his first company which he sold a mere two years later for 50,000. Establishing several other companies, the young man moved on to create considerable profits. His current venture though? The company he started in 2011 called Sevenly which has raised nearly $250,000 for charitable causes across the globe.

Screen shot 2013-05-03 at 11.19.29 PM

The company is based off a model in which every week of the year, the business partners with a different charity. Using a unique T-shirt that promotes the particular charity, Sevenly garners money for great causes. The shirt is offered for sale through the Sevenly website, and for every T-shirt sold, Sevenly gives $7 to that charity. The end of the week long campaign sees a check to the charity for the amount of money raised.

Partridge states that he owes all his success to social media. When he was in school with his business partner, he had an influential reach with his social media followings which totaled more than a few million fans combined. The business owner states that he didn’t do print advertising, radio or TV; instead, they utilized social media. Not even google ads! Nearly all of the revenue they garnered was acquired through Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Tumblr, Instagram and Pintrest.

The topics he utilizes to inspire his followers go around comedy, doing good, fashion, art and faith to appeal to a younger community. They select the charities by using the ones they truly believe in, and do a lot of vetting in the campaign direction. The money must be used exactly what the campaign is supposed to be for and cannot go to operating expenses.

Check out the website at and the Facebook page at


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