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Chinese Philanthropic Use of Social Media

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The misconception of social media networks being used solely by teenagers and those wishing to connect with friends is slowly evaporating with time. Multiple charities have begun social media to change the world. The ancient charity Tung Wah Group tapped into this viral resource to raise cash for a good cause.

Founded in 1870, the Tung Wah Group of Hospitals now utilizes Facebook and YouTube for philanthropic efforts. Viola Man Yee-wai, chairwoman of the organization, utilizes her twenty years of experience in marketing international brands to promote the charity to the young generation which invades social media.

The group provided medical, funeral, and other services to the underprivileged local Chinese; however, it has expanded to include hospitals, education, and rehabilitation. The group raised over ninety million in 2012 by the Tung Wah Group of Hospitals’ TVB charity show and other means. The organization’s leader fiercely advocates charities using Facebook, YouTube and other social media to reach their campaign goals.

The company’s use of social media has been extremely successful with their campaign. The number of clicks from just the first dew days when the Tung Wah Group TV commercial was uploaded on YouTube was over 30,000. Video coverage was 530,000 on Facebook and the viewership reached 30,000. The amount of Facebook fans the page had increased by 1,500 and the company garnered over 5,000 likes in the first week alone. The company dukes it out with over 6,000 registered charity organizations in Hong Kong alone to garner attention.

Read the interview with her here:


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