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Build a better understanding of social media networks and the effects they have on/within the workplace

A Conclusive Review

Throughout the course of our blog, I have had the opportunity to delve into several aspects of the social media realm and develop a further understanding of how these networking sights have impacted various parts of our world. In this post, I’ll review each of the blog posts I have made to give a full comprehension of what exactly I learned during the time in which I had the pleasure of blogging.

My first blog post titled “Creating A Positive Impact” delved into a positive example of a company in the social media realm. Twitter’s Hope140 campaign successfully utilized their circulation of knowledge for social positive efforts to make a lasting impact. Delving into three specific causes Twitter supports, I went over the effect social media can potentially have on the world. Twitter effectively provided a platform for communication while delving into the campaign to garner more attention for social movements. This example of surged advocacy for causes that can help the world displayed the positive change social media networks can have. Read this post here.

On Thursday, April 11th, I discussed how Twitter plays into the professional realm with my post, “Can Twitter Be Used Effectively for Business?” I argued that through social media networks, companies can increase product and brand awareness, web traffic, customer loyalty, and the overall success of new product launches. Twitter specifically provides an efficacious platform for businesses to utilize in global marketing and communication. I discussed multiple ways in which Twitter in particular can be a great asset to business goals, and delved into this topic with support from independent studies. Overall, I concluded that the emergence of Twitter is an efficient marketing strategy that can be used as a highly effective business tool. Read this post here.

Although social media networks have various positive effects for businesses in regards to their success, one of the most frequently ignored and potentially harming components of social media is their ability to negatively tarnish a company’s reputation. On April 16th, I discussed the example of Dell’s collision with social media in my post “Dell Hell.” Aided with my own personal infographic, I discussed important data that points towards how a company’s reputation influences their success in regards to consumers. Utilizing the famous 2005 example of the Dell catastrophe with customer service and the blog sphere, I showcased the incredible reach of social media and how companies can effectively avoid catastrophe using the example of Dell’s recovery.  With the rapid distribution of information by social media platforms comes the risk of a negative perception of a company to go viral; however, the opposite is just as much true. A positive perception of a business aided by social media can cause major increases to one’s overall success. Read this post here.

For my author’s choice post, I decided to go the route of showing another positive effect social media has on the world. April 26th’s “Groupon’s Philanthropic Initiative” went into a very specific example of how one social media platform has created a lasting impact on several charities. Focusing on Groupon’s Grassroots campaign, I discussed several of the company’s personal contributions to positive change. The overarching theme of this post was to portray how social media mediums provide effective opportunities for campaigning through raising awareness of causes, engaging support, and lobbying for positive change. Read this post here.

On April 27, I reviewed our last formal week of blogging. Read this review here.

Finally, my conclusion.

Social media has always been a large part of my life. Like many other teenagers, I was thrust into the realm of social media networks at a young age. They have continued to play a large part in my life; however, it wasn’t until this project that I truly realized how little I knew about them. The incredible impact social media networks can have on the world has come to astound me. I personally had the chance to look at the philanthropic side of social media extensively, and for that I could not be more thankful.

With this project, I have gained a much broader comprehension of the professional side of social media which will be tremendously useful after I am done with my collegiate years. I hope others have found the same. Thank you for reading our blog.

-Taylor Mangan


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