Social Media Networks

Build a better understanding of social media networks and the effects they have on/within the workplace

Contributor Review: Meghan

As our project begins to draw to a close, each of our contributors will be taking an opportunity to review the the major points and topics they have covered. I will begin!

In my first post, Monitoring, Interpreting, and Integrating the Complexities of Social Media, I addressed the challenges that social media poses to businesses and their leaders.  I detailed the three different types of social media activity that make understanding and utilizing social media complex and difficult. In an age of ever-changing platforms and social media tools, broad and constant monitoring, like the real-time dashboard employed by PepsiCo, is necessary to fully comprehend a business’ presence in social media.  Such a monitoring system allows PepsiCo to analyze consumer sentiment, pinpoint conversations, and collect direct feedback that is incorporated into the brand by guiding the company’s decision making.

On Friday April 5th, I posted our first weekly recap, wrapping up week one of blogging!

Next, I explored the competitive advantages provided by internal social media use in the post, Internal Social Media: Embracing the Benefits. Despite being frowned upon by many, social media use as an internal communication tool has the potential to facilitate productivity and cooperative efforts. Today’s technologies allow for these digital platforms to enable simultaneous communication and teamwork from anywhere in the world. Organizational leaders have a valuable opportunity to engage their employees, foster collaboration and knowledge sharing, and appeal to the growing available workforce of recent college graduates: members of the tech savvy Generation Y.

On Friday April 19th, I posted our third weekly recap, wrapping up week three of blogging!

Most recently I published a post titled, Crowd Sourced Funding Made Possible Through Social Media Platforms.  In this post, I highlighted a unique funding opportunity that social media has made possible.  Crowd sourced funding websites provide a platform where individual users can raise funds to realize their vision of innovation. Various sites cater to the different financial needs of entrepreneurs, philanthropists, and creators alike as they all flock to pitch their project to online investors. All of these   platforms empower independent individuals to create and innovate by making these projects accessible to small time investors. In an age of big business and corporate agendas, these crowdfunding sites give individuals the power to see their own visions realized on their own terms.

In Closure…

In all, this project has given me a real opportunity to try my hand at blogging. I have enjoyed exploring and learning about a versatile and rapidly changing format for professional communication.  The subject, Social Media Networking, provided us a new and broad field to research. I really enjoyed learning about the ways that many organizations are embracing and incorporating social media into operations.

Personally, I felt like the whole experience was extremely relevant as a business student preparing to graduate college, and I look forward to blogging endeavors in my future in order to continue to utilize the skills I have learned here. Hopefully you have found my contributions to be useful and informative.  Thanks for reading!


– Meghan



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