Social Media Networks

Build a better understanding of social media networks and the effects they have on/within the workplace

Reviewing Our Week

“Feeling Lonely in Life and at Work? SMNs May Be to Blame”- MONDAY, APRIL 22nd by Hannah

On Monday, Hannah brought into light the instance of social media networks actually working against the intended purpose of bringing people closer together with communication by making people more lonely instead. She references an article set out by Forbes which lists technology as one of they key players in making us feel more distant from others as we replace face-to-face contact with virtual communication. Has our use of technology become excessive? Read Hannah’s post here.

“Crowd Sourced Funding Made Possible Through Social Media Platforms”- TUESDAY, APRIL 23rd by Meghan

Taking a different route, on Tuesday Meghan discussed a facet of social media networking that is often overlooked. Crowd sourced funding has made it possible for people all over the world to pitch their ideas to investors via the internet, and multiple websites have taken advantage of this. Meghan goes into specific examples of these websites to show us how social media have allowed people to fund their projects. Read Meghan’s post here.

“Social Media vs. Time”- WEDNESDAY, APRIL 24th by Kelly

On Wednesday, Kelly answered the question of what time it is best to post content to social media networks to ensure the most user views. Utilizing a highly detailed PiktoChart, she displays the percentage of the population per time zone to help business owners take differences into account via time. She then goes over specified data relating to popular social media networks such as Twitter and Facebook to show what time is best to share information with others. Read Kelly’s post here.

“Making the World a Better Place Through Tweets”- THURSDAY, APRIL 25th by LaRae

Thursday’s post by LaRae delves into the uses of social media for nonprofit organizations and other charitable causes. Suggesting Facebook and Twitter as two social media networks that could aid philanthropic pursuits, LaRae suggests the value of social media isn’t entirely in casual communication. Rather, these sites have the potential to create a positive impact in our world. Read LaRae’s post here.

“Groupon’s Philanthropic Initiative”- FRIDAY, APRIL 26th by Taylor

On Friday, Taylor discussed how social media has the opportunity to create positive change in our world with its ability to foster charitable donations. Groupon, an online deal website, has taken advantage of its popularity to delve into multiple philanthropic campaigns by pairing with other companies who are willing to match user donations. Taylor goes into multiple examples of Groupon’s efforts to showcase how social media has the power of connecting people with others to reach goals that would otherwise be impossible. Read Taylor’s post here.


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