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Feeling Lonely in Life and at Work? SMNs May Be to Blame…

How we connect and who we’re connected with is a huge part of society these days. Reconnecting with people and building relationships is key and so important (for many things)! Not only in every day life, but in the workplace as well. People are connected online and on SMNs now more than ever but with that they’re also becoming lonely. SMNs are for socializing, chatting, finding old friends, stalking ex’s, everything that makes us happy, right? WRONG. Technology and SMNs are great for all of the things I listed above. But, it turns out that while people are able to keep in touch with long distance friends more easily, they’re now feeling more distant than ever. Oh the irony.

An article from Forbes discusses how technology is making society lonely. This is what I found most interesting…the article states, “surprisingly, those who report feeling most alone, are those you’d expect it from least: young people under 35, who are the most prolific social networkers of all.” So this addiction that we’re all developing (I say “we’re” because I too am addicted) may be hurting us? Individuals are becoming to feel increasing alone, and for those of you who work on computers all day, every day the feeling of “alone” may be hitting you even harder. The sad and scary thing is, technology and SMNs are hard to escape especially considering that they’re all around us. Digital communication has, in a sense, taken over face-to-face communication. Therefore, there’s a lack of personal contact and in my opinion, that may be a reason for why people are feeling so lonely.

Yes, SMNs are a convenient tool and necessary in today’s society but at what risk? If we’re already seeing bad signs, what’s in store for the future? No face-to-face contact… ever? Here’s my thinking: Now that you’ve learned this information, take a look at your SMNs/technology use. Is it excessive? Do you feel alone and lonely in every day life or even at work? If so, place restrictions on your use! Make an effort to talk to people in person more and FB chat less. Get up at work and walk around to see people, don’t email them (as easy as it may be). A little seperation from SMNs and technology won’t hurt us, right? But then again as I’m writing this I’m on Facebook, so it may not be as easy as it seems. It’s worth a try though.

Watch this clip…

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