Social Media Networks

Build a better understanding of social media networks and the effects they have on/within the workplace

This Week in Review…

“Informational Post” & Social Media Infographic – MONDAY, APRIL 15th by Kelly

Kelly brings us an interesting look at the facts about social media use and business in her detailed visual. The piece examines the relationship between brands and users and vice versa. Click here to see her original infographic.

“Dell Hell” & How Social Media Influences Business Infographic – TUESDAY, APRIL 16th by Taylor

While social media networks provide companies with the opportunity for enhanced marketing through acquisition of further public interaction with their specific brand, the increased level of communication between businesses and consumers allow the potential for problems to arise. The reputation of a business can be altered negatively by the reaching influence of social media as was the case in the 2005 “Dell Hell” episode. Taylor describes the incident regarding the blogging realm as a social media outlet, and goes on to discuss how the issue was resolved with social media’s influence in mind. Click here to check out her post.

“Targeting Customers Online Through SMNs, It’s a Good Idea!” & a Visual Aid – WEDNESDAY, APRIL 17th by Hannah

With so many people using social media networking websites like Facebook, it’s no wonder businesses are beginning to use the insight they gain from the user profiles and activity to target customers. Hannah makes it look like a no brainer for businesses to take advantage of access to this data in blog post. Click here to check out her post.

“Is Facebook Right for Small Businesses?” & Local Business Social Media Chart  – THURSDAY, APR 18th by LaRae

Many mega corporations have hopped on board and established social media accounts, campaigns, and advertisements to help build their brand. But is this type of plan right for a small business? LaRae demonstrates how some of the site’s free features and unique accessibility can make managing and efficiently operating the accounts a viable option for many small businesses today. Included in the post is an original chart detailing the percentage of local businesses that use specific social media sites for marketing. Click here to check out her post.


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