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Targeting Customers Online Through SMNs, It’s a Good Idea!

Here’s a post for all you business folks, whether you’re looking to start a business or build more clients. SMNs are commonly used for socializing, reconnecting with friends, dating, the works, right? We all know that, but have you ever considered SMNs to be used as a way to target and/or engage customers or even potential ones? It’s well-known that a majority of society is addicted to Social Media. As bad as that sounds it’s true. People are constantly attached to their personal devices, checking their Facebook’s, text messaging. It’s become more than a craze, it’s now a way of life for millions.

According to an article in Forbes Magazine, Social Media is a way to keep your customers happy. Which considering what I just said above, that argument makes complete sense. As a business owner you want find ways to not only gain customers but to identify with them. You shouldn’t want to just cast a line out and hope to get as many bites a possible when it comes to gaining customers. Rather, focus on what the customer would want and consider what they’re thinking. Get inside the mind of the customer, sounds weird but just think about the following: Everyone is constantly busy these days, whether you’re a single mom, full-time employee, working student, stay at home dad, we all have a million things on our plates each and every week. So in the midst of all of the chaos, we’re on SMNs in between daily activities and plans. Some may have more time than others but in reality a majority of people are on their phones for one reason or another.

A majority of the things that people used to do offline they’re now doing online. I made a little illustration/pie chart to portray this. Here is what my pre-teen and teen years looked like (very limited use of Internet and SMNs, though few were invented at the time.)


Now, think about the section that was devoted to Internet, etc. in my teen years and times it by 5 to get a current day representation. I no longer do all the things I used to because of the advancements in technology and the introduction of SMNs.

With that being said, how could a business owner NOT want to be on SMNs to reach and connect with customers? It’s so crucial to grow visibility, get your name out there, inform people about your company whether it’s through a Twitter, Facebook, etc. Back to identifying with the customer… this is a very important point from in article on as well, “Take a half an hour or so not as the business owner but as a target customer and think about what product/service you would want.” Taking the time to get to know your target audience and customers will truly pay off. Not only that, building SMNs and maintaining them daily will fully allow for individuals to get to know your company. The Internet is a very powerful tool, one that is constantly evolving.

As a business owner, stay up to date on the latest things in the SMN world, because quite frankly almost everyone around you already is.

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