Social Media Networks

Build a better understanding of social media networks and the effects they have on/within the workplace

Weekly Recap

To start off the week on Monday we had Hannah talk to us about social media being less of a distraction for individuals and more of a positive innovation of the modern world. Social media networks can be a place for people to come together, share knowledge, express their feelings, and share their thoughts with one another.  If used in the right way social media sites can become a source of positive interactions for the professional and personal world. To learn more about the benefits of social media for society read Hannah’s post “Are Social Media Networks Good for Society”. 

Tuesday we had LaRae talk to us about the spam and viruses users have been receiving do to their activity on social media sites. LaRae tells us about the three techniques spammers use in reaching social media users. Social media sites, like Facebook have had to put malware and spam detection systems in place in order to protect their users from viruses and spam. To learn more about the techniques spammers use and the tactics social media sites use to prevent their users from getting spam and/or viruses read “Malicious Facebook Spam Attacks”.

On Wednesday we had Meghan discuss how important it is for businesses to allow employees to use social media in the workplace. Some businesses might be worried about employees getting off task if they don’t monitor their social media use while on the job. Although Meghan argues that businesses should consider the potential the benefits of using social media on an internal level. To read more about the positive ways businesses can use social media platforms read “Internal Social Media: Embracing the Benefits”.

Thursday we had Taylor talk about the positive impact Twitter can have for the success of a business due to its reach as a social media network. Taylor tells us about how Twitter can increase product and brand awareness, web traffic, customer loyalty, and the overall success of new product launches. The level of dual interaction between companies and consumers allows for a new level of communication that fosters success based on basic business principles. To learn more about how Twitter can have a positive impact on success for companies read “Top 7 Reasons Why Your Small Business Should Use Twitter” by Susan Ward.


In Fridays post, written by Kelly (me), the question was brought up about whether or not it is appropriate to view a candidates personal social media sites while making hiring decisions. Discrimination can lead to serious lawsuits and potentially ruin a business. Since the modern world is constantly evolving in terms of social media use, businesses must set some rules/policies for a maintaining ethical hiring tactics. To read suggestions on how to go about using social media prior to hiring an employee read “Can Facebook Hurt Your Chances of Getting Hired?”


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