Social Media Networks

Build a better understanding of social media networks and the effects they have on/within the workplace

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“Are Social Media Networks Good?” – Monday, April 8th

The recent increase in social media use among society isn’t just for teens and adults. Studies have shown that seniors are becoming avid SMN users, connecting online daily. Not only that, Facebook is shown to actually boost mental skills in seniors. According to Relaxnews, researchers out of the University of Arizona found that in a study of adults aged 68 to 91, there was a 25% improvement in tasks related to working memory among new Facebook users. SMNs are benefiting society and seniors as they are allowing for more social engagement and less loneliness. To read more about the boost in seniors’ mental skills from Facebook click HERE.

“Malicious Facebook Spam Attacks”- Tuesday, April 9th

Privacy is a huge concern that many Americans have, especially now because of how much personal information is stored on social networking sites. In order to keep a Facebook account secure, users should make sure to follow tips provided. Click HERE to read more about Facebook’s Security Tips.

“Internal Social Media: Embracing the Benefits”- Wednesday, April 10th

This article published digitally on the Ad Age website details further why businesses should embrace internal social media use by employees rather than attempt to fight a losing battle. To read more about this topic read “Five Reasons Not to Block Access to Social Networks

“Can Twitter Be Used Effectively for Business?”- Thursday, April 11th

Social media networks have revealed a whole new form of rapid communication that has vastly permeated different facets of our society. However, one of the most notable consequences of these networks can be found in the impact they have on businesses. Twitter specifically has provided a new medium for companies to display their brand and interact with consumers. In turn, customers have responded with enthusiasm and have utilized Twitter as a social media platform to participate in different forms with businesses. Data shows the extent to which consumers interact with companies and displays the correlation between social media and the success of a business. Learn more about this by reading “The Business Impact of Twitter” by Josh Mendelshon.

“Can Facebook Hurt Your Chances of Getting Hired?”- Friday, April 12th
The concern of whether or not to use social media platforms as a resource during the hiring process comes to question in todays HR departments. Without having any set laws on the rights to privacy it makes it difficult for businesses to resist utilizing the familiar  social media networks. Businesses must be cautious when using sites that are meant for private use by individuals, since they might stumble upon information that might change stance on whether or not to hire them to work for the company. To avoid legal implications, business should set up basic guidelines for acceptable hiring practices in regards to social media. Click HERE to learn more about the dos and don’t of social media use for employee screening.

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