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Establishing the Issue — Why Focus on SMNs?

The rise of the modern age has led to the phenomena of mass communication by various means of social media outlets, which have permeated every day life. The advanced technology that has become available over the last fifty years, has initiated considerable and ubiquitous permutations to communication and the exchange of information within our society.

Throughout the past years our society has seen a sudden increase in the number of people engaged on Social Media Networks (SMNs). These networks greatly impact the public and are quickly becoming a part of every day life. Not only do these sites attract the younger generation but they are also communication portals for businesses and companies.

This blog will focus primarily on these Social Media Networks and because there are so many, we’ll direct our attention on two specifically, Facebook and Twitter. The underlying theme of this blog is the impact of Facebook and Twitter on society. We’ll touch upon specific aspects within the business arena and draw in real life examples and opinions.

The key to this blog is to give relevant advice on the subject of Social Media. Many know what Social Media is though they don’t really know the impact it has on our society. The goal is to not just inform you, the public, but to help build a better understanding of Social Media Networks in the process. At times the Internet and Social Media Networks speak louder than words, our blog intends to show society their power.


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